Aristotle Select

for Schools

An E-rated certified provider, Aristotle Select for Schools can revolutionize the way your school district manages district and school websites.


With options for individual school branding and district wide content delivery, Aristotle Select for Schools is the ideal solution for school districts way to provide each of their schools with unified branding and helpful, easy-to-update websites.


Aristotle Select for Schools empowers you to:


  • Develop a unified look and feel on district school sites


  • Create dynamic rich content that reaches across multiple campuses


  • Create customized navigation and add new pages that appear in the navigation


  • Give the district and campuses multiple levels of administrative control of their websites


  • Brand individual school sites with school colors, logos, and mascots


  • Offer teachers their own custom pages with content, forms, and photo galleries



Supporting Parents, Teachers, and Students

Aristotle Select for Schools not only provides your district with a unified online presence, it also empowers you to communicate important information to your students and their parents.


  • Notify parents instantly with emergency communication system


  • Post and update calendars of events


  • Allow submission of online coursework via secure forms


  • Provide access to public records and other documents



E-Rate Certfied Provider

An E-Rate Certified provider, Aristotle Select for Schools is a cost-effective solution for all school districts. The minimum monthly fee is $75 with actual monthly costs based on the number of students and school sites needed.



Take a Test Drive

If you would like further information on Aristotle Select for Schools or would like to set up an online or onsite demonstration, please call us toll-free. We can help your district take control of its online presence and enable your schools to utilize the communication power of the Internet.